SEEKING THE CAUSE ( Miguel Pinero 1946 -1988)

He was dead, he never lived, he died, he died.Seekin the cause because he said he never saw the cause. But he heard the cause, heard the cryin of hungry ghettochildren, heard the warning from Malcolm,heard the tractors pave new routes to new prisons.

He died seeking the cause, seeking A cause. He was already dead, he never lived - uptown, downtown, crosstown - his body was found all over town. Seeking the cause thinking the cause was 75 dollars gator shoes,thinking the cause was sellin the white powder to black children,thinking the cause was to be found in Gipsy Rose or JB´s or singing Doowopsin the park after some cheeba-cheeba.

He died seeking the cause, the cause was dyin seekin him,the cause was dyin seekin him. He wanted a colour TV.He wanted a silk on silk suit. He wanted the causes to come up like The Metsand take the world series, he wanted, he wanted, he wanted, he wanted,he wanted to want more want.

But he never gave, never gave, he never gave,he never gave his love to his children, he never gave his heart to his peopleand never did he ever give his soul to his people.He never gave his soul to his people because he was busy seeking the cause.Busy, busy perfecting his voice to harmonious the national anthemwith Spiro T. Agnew, busy perfecting his jive talkso that his flankiness wouldnt show, busy perfecting his "Viva la policia" speech.

The cause was in his speech and the cause was in his skin,and the cause was in his blood but he died, he died seekin the cause.Seekin A cause.He died deaf, dumb and blind and he died and never found his causebecause he never, you see, he never never knew - HE was THE CAUSE."

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